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Wireless Speaker

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Chained to the wall

Unplug your ears, pull out the power cord and listen to the call of the wild!

Caged indoors getting cabin fever? Bell your mates and pack a picnic!
Take your hi-fi sound with you. From room to room, or outside the box entirely.

Back in the day we used to be tethered to a socket to throw a party. Going from dancing about your bedroom, to washing dishes in the kitchen required two separate stereos. Camping and music needed generators or awkward lead acid car batteries to power the jam. It’s so much easier now, just pick up and go… Freedom!

When wireless speakers happened I started thinking of the places I could take my sounds, what we could do with our new soundtrack that's on tap anywhere.
Would you like to listen to beats under the sun? Under the stars?

- Use your Bluetooth equipped device to play music, listen to podcasts and radio wirelessly, to keep the good times flowing from room to room or outdoors.
- Built-in 4400mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery which lasts around 15-20 hours of playtime so you can keep the jam going and going. Can also be used to charge your phone too!
- The metal chassis allows for more air flow compared to a closed case design which is often used, this results in the drivers being able to pump out more bass and volume.
Bluetooth Version: 4.0
Battery: 4400mAh
Play Time: 20 hours ( 50% volume )
Standby Time: 180 hours
Channels: 2
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz
SD Card Maximum Capacity: 32Gb
Transmit Distance: 10m
Output Power: 10W x 2
Charging Time: 6 hours
SNR: 75dB
Distortion: Less than 0.1pct
Wireless frequency Range: 2.4GHz - 2.48GHz
Shipping time: 20-40 days

12 month warranty.

60 day no questions returns for peace of mind.

I urge you to buy this at no obligation, today.